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I Did A New Yoga Video with Blogilates!

It seriously has been forever since I've done a video with my sister, Blogilates. I'm not proud of that since that's a direct representation of how much we get to see each other, but we finally crossed this much-awaited to-do off the list! I've been an RYT-2oo (that means Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours) since 2013 and I love the amazing calming and flexi[...]

Sydney, Australia: I'm Coming Back For You

Four years ago, I landed in Sydney, Australia to study abroad. I had reservations about going because I had so many great gigs at the time and I didn't want to risk losing them if I left. Okay, and I was totally in love with my best friend and I thought we would never have a chance once I got back. Spoiler alert: Everything totally worked out and we got toge[...]