Nike Training Club

I have had the great fortune to be able to work with Nike since 2010. I started out as a College Brand Ambassador for the Nike Women’s Marathon, in which I helped inspire college aged women to run.

When I moved to Sydney, Australia for a year, I connected with the Australia team and helped them promote Sydney’s first ever Nike run. In January 2013, I was flown down to Melbourne, Australia where I taught a live Nike Training Club (NTC) class alongside tennis superstar Serena Williams.

Fast forward to present day, I am still an official Nike Trainer in San Francisco. You can also catch me doing live events with Nike around the city. Follow me on Instagram for the latest events.

Updated August 2017. 


  1. by Fabiana on October 14, 2015  5:45 pm Reply

    Hello how are you ? Congratulation on being part of the NTC. WOw!!! its truly a dream of mine. How did you do it?
    Its amazing being part of something so big , and something as amazing while doing exactly what you love.
    Much luck to you on your amazing Nike Journey.

  2. by Jennifer Jesse on June 22, 2016  2:54 pm Reply

    Hi! Congratulations on becoming a Nike Master Trainer!! So awesome! I'm quite curious and have searched and searched... How does one become a Nike Master Trainer?

    Thank you,

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