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Jackelyn Ho

So, who am I?

If you want to know about the crazy person that I am, well, just where do I start? My full name is Jackelyn Vinh Ho and I was born in Southern California, but grew up in Union City, CA. I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2013 with a degree in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts.

When I first entered college, I thought I was going to be a news anchor. I was really into journalism, but quickly learned that “hard news” wasn’t for me. I started to fall in love with my hobby, which was teaching fitness classes. I realized that I was my happiest when I was teaching.

Jackelyn Ho

Fast forward to today, I am a Nike Trainer and a regular face around Crunch Fitness. I enjoy teaching because it combines my passions of education, performance, and fitness. I love seeing my students every week for they inspire me to be a better instructor. I want to continue spreading the love to the rest of the world and this blog will document my journey towards that goal.

I founded my own positive body image magazine called Fiterazzi Magazine after I graduated from college. We were around for about one year and in 2015, I sold my company to Spright, where I spent time as an Associate Editor.

On the flip side of teaching, I’m also proud to be a writer for Inc. Magazine, a dream gig where I write about all things entrepreneurial-related. In addition, I get to explore my marketing obsession through my role as a Digital Marketing Manager at LegalNet Inc, a litigation cost management company. Lastly, I didn’t leave my broadcasting roots too far behind. These days, I’m also a reporter for GAME ON, a Comcast Hometown Network show focused on women in sports. I do a little of everything and it definitely keeps my weeks exciting.

Jackelyn Ho

Why is sweating sexy?

Sweating is a sign of hard work and persistence. The burpees are painful, but you’re going to do 100 of them anyway. You’re going to keep pushing through the pain. That, my friend, is sexy.

Fitness is my life and good company makes my world go round. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that people come in and our of our lives for a reason as well. We affect others just as much as they affect us.

I believe you should always look your best because you never know who you’re going to run into (trust me on this one). I believe that you should never hold back – take risks and just go for it (double trust me on this one). Oftentimes, we waste time wondering what other people think of us, when we could have spent that time just jumping head first into the water. Better “oh well!” than “what if…”

Spend your life doing what you love because there’s no reason you should ever wake up dreading the day to come. Be passionate, be confident and be tenacious. Don’t forget to LIVE.


Photography by Nakul B. Photography
Updated September 2017

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  1. by Melanie on April 30, 2016  10:59 am Reply

    Wow! How amazing. I got teary reading this. So inspirational. I just started Cassey's beginners workout, and then found your site. You both are incredible and I hope your parents are extremely proud of you.

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